Find the best stuff, for your Apps!

There are a gazillion SDKs, tools, services & platforms out there – but finding the right one for your app can be a daunting challenge.

It usually involves tons of web searches, reading page after page of developer forums, cutting through the marketing jargons and jumping through the hoops of signing up / integrating / testing, before you are able to make sense of it all. More often than not, you end up wasting time, effort and money.

Appjoy makes this simple.

3 reasons you will love Appjoy

Appjoy helps you find the best tools, SDKs, libraries, platforms and more, by leveraging the power of the community!


Categorized lists of relevant products, so you spend less time hunting & searching around the web.


In one quick glance, you know if others have found a product useful or not. Appjoy ratings are by developers, for developers!


Unbiased insights from the independent Appjoy community help you save time & effort! No need to figure it out all by yourself.

Need more help? Consult us.

We understand that challenges you face may require expert advice, not just a SDK/tool. That's why we offer FREE consulting to all app developers who may need it.

High Fives!

Starting Appjoy would not have been possible without the help and encouragement of these awesome folks! 🙂

Abhisek Sarda

Graciously hancrafted the Appjoy logo and brand identity.

Allan Gomes

Patiently coded to bring the entire platform to life.

Aman Alam

Selflessly helped a 'random fellow with a random idea'.

Chaitanya Alluru

Thoughtfully designed the User Interface.

Ravi Vyas

Calmly heard out ideas that ultimately shaped into Appjoy.

Robin Dhanwani

Cheerfully created something awesome out of nothing.

Early Users

Big ups to the first few users of Appjoy - who persevered and rated products for others! (even though it probably felt like a thankless task at the time)